Test: DeepCool Mystique 360



We’ve come to the end of this test of DeepCool’s Mystique 360. Are we dealing with a successful product? Let’s take a closer look!

DeepCool’s first AIO with display!

Brands are gradually integrating more and more screens into their cooling systems. If DeepCool innovated in this field with its AK Digital fans, the brand is now doing the same for its all-in-one watercooling kits with this Mystique series.

The result is quite convincing, with a beautiful screen that benefits from successful integration. The company even goes so far as to integrate gyroscopes to automatically orientate the display… But these show their limitations when the kit is mounted flat, on a bench table for example. Via the supplied software (albeit a little basic at the moment), you can deactivate them, otherwise you risk seeing the display change orientation regularly.

This screen doesn’t offer anything more than the competition in terms of displaying system info or customized images. It does go one step further in terms of monitoring, with graphics that update in real time.

DeepCool Mystique 360 LCDOtherwise, this is a well-finished AIO that’s easy to install. By default, ventilation is already in place, with fans connected in series like Arctic’s Liquid Freezer.

The accessories section is complete with an additional set of screws for push/pull mounting… But still no additional thermal paste, which is a shame. As for assembly, the kit is easy to install.

Good performance!

As we’ve seen, this DeepCool AIO is clearly up to the task. Thermally speaking, it’s on a par with the Ryuo III 360 kit, which we already appreciate for its performance. This is a pleasant surprise! However, this is accompanied by a significant new noise level, especially at low revs… Not that fans are noisy. In this case, it’s the pump that makes itself heard. In idle mode, don’t hesitate to go to the bios to customize the pump’s speed curve.

As you can see, the temperature-to-noise ratio is very good, although it could do with a little more silence, especially at low revs. Moreover, as we’ve seen, despite its 360 mm format, it can compete with 420 mm kits, notably from Corsair. A good performance/size ratio too.

A strangely affordable price :

At present, the kit is not fully available in stores, so we’ll have to wait a little longer before we see it on our shelves. However, via Monsieur-Plus, which can be found on the CDiscount and eBay marketplaces, it is listed at €210. It remains to be seen whether it retains this price, given that it was officially announced at €180. The price is therefore very good for an AIO offering these features and a screen. In short, a must-have, especially when compared with the competition.

As a reminder, an NZXT kit with screen costs €250 in 360 mm, while Corsair’s price is over €300, and even close to €400 with the iCUE Link series… In short, it’s a good deal all by itself!

DeepCool Mystique 360:

We like:
  • Good level of finish
  • Careful screen integration
  • Quality screen, good brightness, good viewing angles
  • Standard ventilation with serial connection
  • Easy assembly
  • Excellent cooling performance
  • Very attractive price!
What we didn’t like :
  • Lack of additional thermal paste
  • Audible pump

So, what can we learn from this AIO Mystique 360? Quite simply that it buries the competition on the Intel platform. It’s powerful, it’s got a screen and, above all, it’s affordable: €180 officially! Competitors need look no further. The only downside is that the pump is audible at full volume, but a quick trip to the bios takes care of that. As for the thermal paste, given the savings over a Corsair or NZXT kit, you can afford to spend a few bucks on an Arctic syringe, for example. A must-have!

Many thanks to DeepCool!