Review: Elegoo Saturn 4 Ultra


Now that we’re in Elegoo’s good books, they’ve sent us a preview of one of their next-generation resin printers: the Saturn 4 Ultra. Yes, just 7 months after the introduction of the 3 Ultra. It’s fair to say that Elegoo’s got their hands full.

Received early, we had the chance to play with it for 15 days before presenting it to you. On the menu, Elegoo promises speed and simplicity. And that’s no mean feat for a resin printer. It’s available from today for €399. It’s an evolution of the current range, so let’s see what happens.

ELEGOO Saturn 4 Ultra

Functionality Specification
Technology MSLA Stereo lithography
LED display 10″ COB FCLS
Print volume 218.88mm x 122.88mm x 220mm
XY resolution 19×24μm
Layer thickness 0.02-0.2mm
Z-axis accuracy 0.02mm
Compatibility ChituBox, Voxel Dance Tango
Control panel 4-inch touch screen
Construction plate Engraving pattern for better adhesion
Printing speed Maximum 150mm/h
Dimensions (H x W x D) 327.4mm x 329.2mm x 548mm
Demolding technology Tilting
Weight 14.5KG
Price 399 €
Features Extractor fan available

ELEGOO Saturn 4 Ultra