Review: Elegoo Mercury XS Bundle


Today, we’re going to review Elegoo‘s Mercury XS Bundle. This is a washing and curing station. This type of product is essentially there to help you better wash your resin 3D prints and also harden them after cleaning.

Test Elegoo Mercury XS Bundle

If you’re like me, you’ll be wondering about the name Mercury XS… yes, it’s a bit confusing, as we’re not talking about an Extra Small cleaning and hardening station here. You only have to look at the 7 liters needed to fill the cleaning tank to understand that the name doesn’t fit. And if you’re wondering about the sizes between the X version at 165 euros and the XS version at 175 euros… well, they’re exactly the same, except for the UV pen accessory that comes extra with the XS version.

In short, the naming is a bit confusing and could have been better thought out.