Test: DeepCool Mystique 360


DeepCool Mystique

The software :

Once the watercooling kit has been installed, plugged in and powered up, we need to download the Mystique utility, directly from the kit’s dedicated page on the DeepCool website. Once again, installation is straightforward, as all you have to do is select the installation directory and spam click Next after reading the T&Cs carefully, we trust you 😉.

Once you’ve launched the software, you’ll be presented with a straightforward utility comprising three tabs. The first will focus on monitoring your system. In classic fashion, we find the temperature, load, frequency, etc. of our various components.

The second tab presents the characteristics of our machine, including its components and operating system version.

Finally, the last tab lets you customize the display of the LCD screen on the pump’s cover. You can also choose whether or not to leave the gyroscopes active. While the gyroscopes should have no trouble determining the screen orientation in a tower, on a benchtop, the display regularly rotates.

In itself, this software does nothing more than any utility supplied with an AIO with screen. We may perhaps regret the absence of a connection to gif databases such as Giphy, as NZXT’s CAM does. This saves us a search on the Internet.

DeepCool Mystique 360 LCD