Test: DeepCool Mystique 360


Speed and noise

Fan speed :

We’re starting from scratch with our series of temperature readings. Let’s specify the fan speeds recorded during our readings (for 12V, 8V, 5V):

Overall, we’re dealing with a watercooling kit with fairly high fan speeds. At full speed, we exceed 2000 rpm, before dropping back to 1600 rpm at medium speed. Finally, at low speed, we recorded 1000 rpm. In short, the FT12 SE fans are quite fast, but what about noise?

Noise :

Despite rather high operating speeds, the kit proves “moderately” noisy at full throttle, recording 46.5 dB under these conditions. Sure, compared to a Liquid Freezer II, it’s still noisy, but not so much compared to a Corsair iCUE Link. Nonetheless, at these lower speeds it remains audible, especially at low speeds where you can hear the pump turning. So remember to limit the speed of the pump.