Test: DeepCool Mystique 360


After discovering it at CES 2024 and then after its announcement, here it is in our hands, we’re talking of course about DeepCool’s Mystique 360. After everyone else, the Chinese brand (based in Beijing) offers watercooling kits with screens. Let’s see what it’s like in a full review!

DeepCool Mystique 360 Boîte


For the moment, this Mystique series is available in just two radiator sizes, with a 360 mm model – the one we’re testing – and a 240 mm reference. These are classic dimensions for today’s all-in-one watercoolers.

Naturally, the brand emphasizes the customization of its kit, made possible by the on-board display. This will be used to display system-related data such as CPU temperature and pump speed. You can also display jpeg or gif images, and customize aRGB lighting. Last but not least, a recording function displays graphs of your system’s frequencies, temperatures and so on.

Otherwise, to guarantee high-performance cooling, we’re treated to a 5th-generation pump. This will operate at some 3,400 rpm while directing the liquid onto a new cold plate. We’re talking here about 0.1 mm-thick micro-channels whose positioning has been adjusted above the processor’s hot zones.

As for ventilation, we find new high-performance FT12 SE fans, again according to the brand. These are made from PBT for greater durability, and offer high air flow and pressure.

On the radiator side, the anti-leak system is still present. It takes the form of a small bag that expands or contracts according to the system’s internal pressure, precisely to prevent leaks.

Finally, there’s the simplified installation mechanism. This should guarantee simple installation with uniform pressure on Intel and AMD CPUs.

DeepCool Mystique 360

As for prices, theAIO Mystique 360 can be found here and there on the net at prices of €210. We’ll have to wait until stocks last to get a better idea of pricing, although the official retail price is €180! DeepCool is therefore very aggressive.