Test: DeepCool Mystique 360



For installation, you’ll need to keep your AMD backplate, as DeepCool doesn’t supply one. If you no longer have one, a quick trip to eBay should make it easy to find one.

Mystique 360 assembly:

As far as assembly is concerned, the first thing to do is to screw the mounting arms onto the pump block. There’s nothing complicated about this: just take the arms corresponding to your socket and screw them around the base using small Phillips screws.

Next, prepare the motherboard. On an AM5/4 platform, you’ll need to remove the original mounting arms. At the four corners of the socket, we’ll screw in the corresponding spacers. Here, they have a small black plastic skirt.

On the Intel side, remove the multi-socket backplate from the back of the motherboard. Pay attention to the thread spacing: the wider the spacing, the more LGA-1700. The same applies to the choice of spacers, those for the LGA-1700 being ring-shaped.

Finally, we place the pump on the processor. The pump is held in place by four hand screws. However, given the space available, it’s best to use a screwdriver.