Review: the G.Skill WigiDash controller


A few months ago, we received a copy of the WigiDash from G.Skill. So why are we only publishing the test today? Firstly, because it’s only been available in Europe for a few weeks, and secondly, because the software has undergone quite a few updates in recent weeks. If you do buy it, don’t hesitate to join the ElmorLabs discord, which is part of the design team that manages the software. We’ve also bought a copy of Benchlab, which we’ll be coming back to in the coming weeks.

G.SKILL’s WigiDash is available now on Amazon for 129.99 USD, and in Germany from ProShop and MyFactory for 148 euros. Ultimately, it’s aimed at all kinds of users, from gamers to content creators (by displaying Twitch chat, for example) and even overclockers.