Dead microSD cards on the ROG Ally? ASUS solutions :


The ROG Ally is a portable console that competes with the Steam Deck. Considered a credible alternative, ASUS’ console has one major drawback: its microSD card slot. This is positioned just above the console’s ventilation vents. In some cases, the microSD card may just bake to the point of going out of service!

ROG Ally: ASUS responds to microSD card reader issue!

ASUS ROG Ally Extreme
The card reader located just above the vent, next to the jack

The problem with the console at the moment is that microSD cards can be exposed to high temperatures. HotHardware has actually seen the card reader die on their console due to the heat.

To mitigate the risks, the brand has released firmware and software updates. These modify the fan’s behavior, making it run faster. But this comes with a few inconveniences, such as increased noise and reduced autonomy.

Secondly, VideoCardz notes that ASUS mentions the launch date of its model (2023). This suggests that a 2024 version is planned… Well, it doesn’t just suggest it, as we said here.

This new version should feature a new, more powerful APU and a revised microSD card reader. ASUS could then proceed in different ways by thermally insulating the reader or simply repositioning it in a place less exposed to heat.

To get a glimpse of all this, we’ll have to wait for Computex.