Thermaltake completes its Astria range with the Astria 200 and 400


Thermaltake completes its Astria range of aircooling heatsinks. As a reminder, the latter was recently launched with a double-tower model in 120 mm. Now, the brand completes the range with Astria 200 and 400, now in single-tower format.

Astria 200 and 400: two single-tower fans!

Thermaltake Astria 200 et Astria 400

Aesthetically speaking, the heatsinks seem to us to be rather well finished, with an RGB section on top and black-coated fins and heatpipes.

While the finish is very similar from one model to the next, there is a slight difference in dimensions. The 400 is a little more imposing, with a depth of 94 mm versus 93 mm… Otherwise, width and height remain identical: 124 x 160 mm.

The main difference lies in the number of heat pipes, with the 400 model featuring six heat pipes with a copper base. In contrast, the 200 is more entry-level, with four heatpipes in direct contact with the CPU.

Thermaltake Astria 200 et Astria 400

Otherwise, ventilation is provided by the same 120 mm fan operating from 500 rpm to 1800 rpm. On the airflow side, this generates 65 CFM at a static pressure of 2.56 mmH2O.

Last but not least, they are compatible with mainstream LGA-1XXX and AM4/5 motherboards.

For the moment, prices are unknown, but we can well imagine an Astria 200 invoiced at between forty and fifty euros, compared with €70 max for the 400.

Thermaltake product sheets here and here !