Test: DeepCool Mystique 360


Intel temperature-to-noise ratio

On these perf/noise ratio graphs, we remind you that it’s best to be positioned as far to the bottom left of the graph as possible. For ease of reading, the leftmost point symbolizes 12V ventilation, the central point 8V ventilation and the rightmost 5V.

The noise of the kit at low speeds has a significant impact on the Mystique 360, resulting in a high position in the graph as can be seen. However, the kit displays low temperatures, which puts it in the lead.

At 130W, our kit of the day still offers a very aggressive temperature-to-noise ratio. In fact, it offers a ratio equivalent to a large 420 mm kit from Corsair, in this case the iCUE Link H170i RGB.

At 170W, our kit of the day is as formidable as ever, and can still compete with large 420 mm kits… Despite considerable resistance from NZXT’s Kraken Elite 360.