[Tweak League] CodeCommando’s upgrades

Tweak League CodeCommando
The final PC Tweak League made by CodeCommando

Now it’s my turn to present my optimizations for this PC from the first round of the Tweak League. For those of you who don’t yet know what the Tweak League is, or who need a refresher, this is the place.

Who I am and what I’m aiming for :

Before I start, I’d like to tell you “who I am” so that you can understand my uses. First and foremost, I’m a gamer who’s just passed the age of 18. I started getting interested in hardware when I wanted to equip myself and had to count my pennies to spend them in the best possible way. That’s when I discovered Overclocking.com. Although I don’t frequent them in the real world, I must say that I have spent and continue to spend hours with CornerJack, Vertex and Nhu9b tests. Clearly, they taught me everything I know!

My focus: in-game results only

But in this part of the competition, I wanted to focus solely on in-game performance. I can honestly say that I’m not interested in breaking frequency records or anything else if it doesn’t help me in my everyday life 🙂

My little plus: optimize your budget too, to perform better

Of course, we’ve all been looking for ways to improve this machine, drawing on the knowledge and experience of the community. But it’s also important to remember that optimization can also be done from your wallet! And here I’ve got a couple of tips to help you out 😉

The configuration for this first round of the competition is as follows:

  • Processor -> Intel 14600KF
  • Graphics card -> Asus RTX 4060 DUAL OC
  • Motherboard -> Asus TUF B760-PLUS WIFI
  • Case -> Deepcool CH560
  • Cooling -> Deepcool AK620 DIGITAL
  • Storage -> Corsair MP600 1TB
  • Memory -> Corsair Vengeance RGB (2x16GB) at 6000MHz
  • Power supply (in my case) -> Gigabyte GP-P750GM 80

To find me on social networks and ask me questions :

-> I’m on Twitter

-> I’m on Tiktok

-> I’m on Youtube

and of course on the overclocking.com discord