Test: DeepCool Mystique 360


Intel CPU temperatures

Processor at 95W :

We start with the 95W profile, a fairly average power consumption, especially when you consider the basic consumption of this 13600K. We’re here to simulate the power consumption of small processors with a reasonable number of cores. In theory, everyone should do well!

With our least stressful profile, our watercooling kit of the day does rather well. As you can see, it comes out on top, with a temperature stabilizing at 52°C with the fan on minimum. In these conditions, it is slightly ahead of an ASUS Ryuo III 360.

130W processor :

Here, we’re taking our readings on a Core i5 13600K, so power consumption reaches 130W. The P-Core runs at 4.5 GHz, the E-Core at 3.5 GHz and the VCore at 1.270V!

Once again, DeepCool’s Mystique 360 demonstrates its ability to cool our processor, this time with a consumption of 130W. It proves formidable at full throttle, where it outstrips the Ryuo III 360 at full speed. At slower speeds, however, it’s only a match for the Ryuo III 360.

170W processor:

Finally, we end our series of readings with our Core i5 13600K, which consumes 170W. To achieve this, we push the frequencies a little further, as well as the VCore, which now rises to 1.350V!

Mounted on a processor consuming 170W, DeepCool’s kit is still very well positioned, doing better than ASUS’ at full speed. It will show a slight degree of shrinkage at low speeds, but that’s all.


With this kit, DeepCool offers a high-performance reference that rivals the most efficient kits on the market. Here, it stands up to the Ryuo III 360, which we already found very good.