RDNA 4 rethinks ray tracing!


While AMD’s RADEON RX 7000 hold their own in rasterization, ray tracing is a little more complicated. In fact, NVIDIA still has a serious lead over the reds in this sector. At launch, AMD simply improved on the RX 6000 in this area. With RDNA 4, however, things are set to change for the better. Rumors indicate that the cards’ RT Cores will be completely different!

RDNA 4: new RT Core for more performance?

AMD RDNA 4 ray tracing

The information comes from @Kepler_L2, aptly known for his AMD hardware leaks. According to him, the RT block of this architecture will be completely different. According to Videocardz, the PS5 is expected to feature RDNA 4 graphics with BVH8 ray tracing, as opposed to BVH4 for RDNA 2 and RDNA 3. If this is the case, it’s reasonable to assume that AMD’s future GPUs will deliver a sharp increase in performance at this level, with double the throughput per cycle.

Now, let’s remember that AMD is not planning any Enthusiast-class GPUs for this generation. Indeed, the company is likely to confine itself to the mid-range and high-end sectors, with cards that will replace the RX 7800 XT at most. Here, the brand wants to concentrate on the sectors that make money, or at least on those where the bulk of sales are made.