Asus to present the full range of new products at Computex 2024


Computex is only a few days away (June 4-7), and speculation is running rife. Asus is expected to host the show, and Videocardz has been able to obtain a confidential list of the products to be presented. On the program: a refresh of the Rog Ally (and not a Rog Ally 2), new notebooks, new peripherals… But nothing about future AMD and Intel processors, and even less about the RTX 50.

Asus Computex 2024
Leaked Asus launches for Computex 2024 revealed by Videocardz

Asus to launch ProArt notebooks as well as SnapDragon X-powered Vivobooks

Those waiting for information on the next RTX 50 will have to wait a little longer, but Asus is confident that there will be plenty to talk about, particularly in terms of mobility. We’ll be seeing an update of the ProArt range and the arrival of Qualcomm SnapDragon X processors for certain Vivobooks and Zenbooks. Intel Meteor Lake versions are also included in the range.

The other piece of information is a confirmation. Some may have thought it was an April fool’s joke when the brand mentioned the Rog Mjolnir, a high-capacity battery capable of powering a complete workstation… But that’s not the case, as this product will be officially presented at the show.

Asus Computex
It really could have been an April fool’s joke, but it wasn’t…

A Rog Ally Refresh will be presented.

The Rog Ally 2024 is likely to generate the most interest. A priori, it has nothing to do with the future Rog Ally 2. It’s more like a refresh, with a few subtle improvements that won’t change the game. The AMD APU would be the same, but improvements to the battery and/or screen could also make an appearance. In any case, to get the full picture, we’ll have to wait until June 3, when Asus will hold a launch conference called Always Incredible, a few hours before the doors of Computex open.