Review: DeepCool AK400 WH Digital


Intel temperature-to-noise ratio

On these perf/noise ratio graphs, we remind you that it’s best to be positioned as far to the bottom left of the graph as possible. For ease of reading, the leftmost point symbolizes 12V ventilation, the central point 8V ventilation and the rightmost 5V.

The AK400 Digital WH’s temperature-to-noise ratio is, to say the least, surprising for a CPU with low power consumption. As you can see, the ventirad easily outperforms NZXT’s T120 RGB, that’s for sure. However, it’s also going up against a much bigger opponent: the HX6250 from Jonsbo. Let’s not forget that we’re talking about a very thick 140 mm single-tower heatsink.

At 95W, NZXT’s poor T120 RGB is clearly outclassed by DeepCool’s heatsink. Meanwhile, our AK400 Digital WH tries to make trouble for Jonsbo’s HX6250, but doesn’t manage to do as well. It has to be said that the latter is much bigger.

Finally, with our 130W profile, the AK400 Digital WH sees its limits, as it also breaks away from the pack. There’s a clear difference between it and larger heatsinks such as the HX6250, AK620 or NH-U12A. Also, avoid running your fan at low speed, as the temperature/noise ratio deteriorates under these conditions!