Review: DeepCool AK620 Digital


After a long period of testing all-in-one watercooling kits, we’re back to something more rustic. Indeed, today’s test concerns an aircooling CPU heatsink. As you probably know, DeepCool was planning to launch a new series of AK heatsinks with a digital display on top.

Well, we’ve just received the double-tower version, the famous AK620 Digital. What’s more, it’s the only model in this AK series that we haven’t yet had in our hands. So it’s a good opportunity for us to see what it’s got up its sleeve on our new protocol, here we go!

DeepCool AK620


If we had to give you a brief introduction to this model, we’d say it’s part of DeepCool’s Digital series. The latter includes all the models from the AK range, but with a small digital display on top. This will be used primarily to monitor processor temperature and fan speed.

Otherwise, this AK620 Digital takes up a double-tower format, all in 120 mm. The aim is to maximize performance. Of course, double-tower fans also mean double ventilation. For the occasion, we’re treated to two FK120 blowers from the brand’s catalog.

Otherwise, the Chinese brand has opted for a convex copper base and six copper heat pipes. The aim is to offer high heat transfer capacity, especially as the heat will be conveyed to dense stacks of aluminum fins. Even so, there’s plenty of room for RAM, with 43 mm of free space and two fans.

Finally, the company emphasizes multi-platform compatibility with Intel and AMD. It also points out that assembly will be simple, using metal rather than plastic mounting elements.

DeepCool AK620 Digital

As for the price, it’s hard to say exactly how much it will cost, as we don’t yet know the retail price. However, we assume it will be higher than the €80 charged for the Zero Dark and WH versions.