Review: DeepCool AK400 WH Digital


Another short review today with a heatsink we know well, the AK400. However, for this test, we received it in a very recent version, the Digital version. For some time now, DeepCool has been installing LCD displays on top of its aircooling fans. We’ve already tried our hand at the series with the AK620 Digital. So, what does this version do? We’ll tell you.

DeepCool AK400 Digital WH boîte


The AK range is DeepCool’s series of aircooling heatsinks. They include the AK620, a compact double-tower heatsink, the AK500, a sturdy single-tower heatsink, the AK500S, a single-tower heatsink with five slim heatpipes, and the AK400, the entry-level model!

In any case, just because it’s entry-level doesn’t mean it has to be “ugly” – on the contrary. This Digital White version comes with a beautifully finished all-white finish. What’s more, the glossy white top cover is a nice finishing touch.

As you can see, the main attraction of this model lies in its LCD screen. It provides real-time information on processor temperature and fan speed.

Otherwise, a well-known FK120 fan is used for cooling, while the assembly part is not a particular problem. The brand’s mounting mechanism is easy to deploy, while the heatsink ensures exemplary compatibility with RAM.

DeepCool AK400 Digital WHIn terms of price, the AK400 Digital White will obviously be more expensive than the basic model. It benefits from a better finish and an additional screen feature. Its price therefore rises from around forty euros (depending on the retailer) to around fifty.