Review: DeepCool AK400 WH Digital


The AK400 Digital WH

As for the packaging, it’s the usual DeepCool box: all white with a few shades of green. The box also features a picture of the heatsink and a reminder of its features, which can be found on the back of the box.

In terms of protection, the AK400 Digital WH is comfortably encased in white foam. On top is the bundle section with assembly instructions. In short, it’s as efficient as ever: no breakage on arrival.

The radiator:

Weight and dimensions :

Having tested a number of large fans (Assassin IV, MA824 Stealth, A115), this model seems very small to us. Indeed, unlike the aforementioned models, it features a single cooling tower. However, this Digital White version is still very pretty, but we’ll come back to that later.

In concrete terms, this translates into dimensions of 126 (W) x 94 (D) x 156 (H) mm. So, as with the original model, we’re dealing with a slim heatsink that should fit into a good number of cases. In fact, 160 mm is the height limit for many references, so there’s no need to worry here.

Finally, in terms of weight, this isn’t a heavyweight that’ll rip your card out at the slightest jolt when transported, as it weighs less than 1 kg (695g on the scales).

Base :

DeepCool AK400 Digital WH radiateur

In keeping with the basic model, this version uses the same base, with the heat pipes in direct contact with the CPU. As you can see, the two in the middle are tighter than the two on the outside. On an Intel Core i, there’s no doubt that they’ll pass right over the die, the processor’s silicon chip. Once again, the treatment is good, and to the touch, the passage of the heat pipes is barely felt.

As you can see, the brand pre-applies thermal paste, which is common practice. Nevertheless, don’t count on a syringe as an extra unfortunately.


Once again, we’re dealing with a typical entry-level radiator. It has a slim profile, while the 54 fins are crossed by a total of four 6 mm copper heat pipes. Last but not least, the slotted profile is designed to increase the heat exchange surface. In the meantime, it looks great.

The finish :

DeepCool AK400 Digital WH finitionThis white version also has a very attractive finish. First of all, it has a full white coating. It is therefore present on the fins as well as on the heat pipes. The fan is also white, so as not to clash with the rest.

However, what we really like about DeepCool is that it hides the unsightly tips of the heat pipes. On the original model, this was done with a plastic cover; here, we find a transparent white plastic strip surrounded by RGB edging. As you’d expect, this is where the LCD display is located, providing information on CPU temperature, among other things.

Compatibility :

In terms of compatibility, Corsair indicates that its CPU cooler can be mounted on the following motherboards:

  • Intel: LGA-115x – LGA-1200 – LGA-1700
  • AMD: AM4 – AM5

As you can see, there is no compatibility with HEDT motherboards. Faced with an entry-level heatsink, the processors in question are not supported. It’s easy to see why: their power consumption is high, and so is their heat output!


As far as ventilation is concerned, we’re familiar with the fan in question, since it’s the same mill as the one on the original AK400… For this version, it’s simply been turned white.

In fact, the shape remains identical, with a 25 mm-thick square frame. White rubberized silentblocks are also present to attenuate stray vibrations emitted by the mill during operation.

As for the blades, there are nine of them. They are quite thick at the tip, with a pronounced curvature.

DeepCool AK400 Digital WH ventilateur

There’s no change to the power supply, which is still a four-pin PWM cable. As for speeds, the brand announces a rotation range extending from 500 rpm to 1850 rpm. Finally, airflow is 68.99 CFM, while static pressure is 2.19 mmAq.

The bundle:

DeepCool AK400 bundle

The accessories section highlights :

  • A mounting guide
  • Universal AMD and Intel mounting arm
  • Black metal backplate for Intel platforms
  • Screws and bolts for AMD-side mounting
  • Two steel clamps for mounting a second fan
  • Assembly hardware for Intel side

In short, the accessory section concentrates on the essentials, with everything you need to mount your heatsink. One might regret the absence of thermal paste in syringe form, but the pill is easier to swallow when you know what range of heatsinks you’re dealing with.

Roughly speaking:

In broad terms, this Digital White model shares the same base as the original version. However, there is one major difference: the addition of a digital display on top of the heatsink. On paper, this option gives you an instant reading of your CPU’s temperature. Whether it’s useful or not remains to be seen, but in any case, the integration is neat and tidy.