Review: DeepCool AK400 WH Digital



For installation, you’ll need to keep your AMD backplate, as DeepCool doesn’t supply one. If you don’t have one any more, a quick trip to eBay should make it easy to find one.

AK400 Digital WH assembly:

Installation on AMD and Intel sockets is basically the same. On the Intel side, there’s just a little extra work to be done on the backplate. Incidentally, pay attention to the distance between the screw threads on the backplate. Widest spacing = LGA-1700. As for the AMD platform, you’ll need to unscrew the original mounting arms.

Next, spacers are fitted to the four corners of the socket. Of course, care must be taken with the type of spacer, as they are not universal:

  • Orange: AMD
  • Ringed black: Intel LGA-1700
  • Smooth black: Intel LGA-115X/1200

Once in place, all that’s left to do is screw on the universal mounting arm. To do this, we’ll use the hardware that corresponds to the platform in our possession!

All that remains now is to screw the heatsink onto the CPU. To do this, you’ll need to remove the fan to expose the fixing screws. Once in place, we’ll screw the heatsink to the left or right, to avoid applying all the pressure to one side.

A word about the LCD display:

DeepCool AK400 Digital WH LCD

Once installed, all that’s left to do is plug the USB 2.0 header into the motherboard, download and install the brand’s little utility, and roll with the punches.

In reality, as with the CH560 Digital, this display is more of a gadget than anything else. In fact, it provides information on your CPU ‘s temperature or utilization rate in °F or °C, depending on your settings. It’s up to you to decide whether you need it, and whether you’re ready to add yet another utility to your PC!