Review: DeepCool AK400 WH Digital


Intel CPU temperatures

Processor at 65W :

We start with the 65W profile, a rather low power consumption, especially when you consider the basic consumption of this 13600K. We’re here to simulate the power consumption of small processors with few cores or low power consumption. In theory, everyone should do well!

At 65W, the AK400 Digital WH doesn’t do too badly at full speed, as we can see, stabilizing our 13600K at a temperature of 47°C. Compared to its rival, the T120 RGB, it takes the lead as fan speed decreases. It then displays 2°C less at low and medium speeds.

95W processor :

Here, we’re taking our readings on a Core i5 13600K, so power consumption reaches 95W. For this, both the P-Core and the E-Core operate at 3.5 GHz, while the VCore is set to 1.210V!

As power consumption and heating increase, the AK400 Digital WH stands out even more from its NZXT rival. Here, temperature differences are more pronounced: 3°C less at full speed, 4°C less at mid-range and 8°C better at low speed. Clearly, the two heatsinks may be of the same type (4 heat pipes in direct contact), but the DeepCool model is far more efficient!

130W processor :

Finally, we end our series of readings with our Core i5 13600K, which consumes 130W. To achieve this, we push the frequencies a little further, as well as the VCore, which now rises to 1.270V!

With a power consumption of 130W, our AK400 Digital WH from DeepCool is well ahead of NZXT’s T120 RGB. This is particularly noticeable at low temperatures. Where NZXT’s heatsink can’t keep up at low speeds, we record no less than 86°C on DeepCool’s model. Admittedly, that’s quite a lot, but it’s clear that we’re on the next level in terms of efficiency!

Summary :

Broadly speaking, this DeepCool model is quite effective, at least for its size. Clearly, there’s no comparison with an equivalent model from NZXT, as the gap in favor of the Chinese brand is so pronounced! However, it can’t compete with larger heatsinks such as the HX6250, since it’s limited by its format!