Review: Microsoft Surface Go 4


Test protocol

The test protocol has been revised to offer something more complete. As far as video games are concerned, we’ve chosen not to include them, given the performance and orientation of this machine.

We’ve also had to omit certain benchmarks due to compatibility concerns. First and foremost, the Geekbench, which caused a blue screen at launch. Rendering benchmarks on Davinci Resolve and Blender were also removed for lack of VRAM or power.

The protocol

  1. Screen measurements
  2. Autonomy and heating
  3. Synthetic CPU test
    Cinebench R20
    Cinebench R23
    3DMark CPU Profile
  4. Synthetic GPU performance
    3DMark Timespy
    3DMark Timespy extreme
    3DMark Firestrike
    3DMark Firestrike Extreme
    3DMark Firestrike Ultra
  5. Productivity performance
    PCMark 10 Extented
    PCMark 10 Applications test