Review: Microsoft Surface Go 4


The Microsoft Surface Go 4

The Surface Go 4 is a 10.5-inch tablet with a 1920x1280p IPS panel and a 60 Hz refresh rate. Intel’s N200 processor is accompanied by 8 Gb LPDDR5 RAM, 256 Gb UFS storage and powered by a 29 Wh battery.

We start with the unpacking of the device, this tablet comes in a minimalist box, inside we have the tablet. Below this, we have the 24W charger.

The charger is a 24W power pack using a special long connector that has to be plugged into the side of the device. The magnetic connector used here is rather difficult to fit if the tablet is flat, it would have been better to have a straight connector and not at 90°. Fortunately, the USB-C socket next to it also enables recharging.


First of all, there’s the weight, with 521 g on the scales. The overall design is predominantly magnesium, and the screen is Corning Gorilla Glass 3. All in all, this Surface Go 4 exudes quality and performs well.

Let’s move on to audio. Here we have two audio zones on either side of the screen. The sound is acceptable and will allow you to enjoy media content without headphones.

Sound adjustment is performed on the edge, with dedicated buttons next to the power button. Unfortunately, there’s no button for quick mute.

Then there are the connectors, a minimalist solution with just 3 connectors if we exclude the charging port. So we have a single USB type C 3.1 port supporting charging, displayport and data. Then there’s a headset socket, and finally a connector for a Surface Type Cover keyboard. Connectivity is therefore very limited, and we would have liked at least a micro SD card reader.

As for the cameras, we have an 8 MP rear camera capable of filming in 1080p. The front camera is an FHD (30 fps @ 1080p) with infrared for Windows Hello, and is relatively acceptable for troubleshooting or video.

The various components

The configuration of this Surface Laptop Go 3 is based on an Intel Alder-lake platform. The CPU used (intel N200) is a low-power version, ideal for good autonomy.

Starting with the CPU, the Surface Go 4 is equipped with an Intel N200 with 4 E-core only, capable of running at 3.7 Ghz. For RAM, we’re talking about LPDDR5 chips for a maximum total capacity of 8 GB.

Let’s move on to the graphics card. Here, we’re on a 32 sp Intel UHD Xe 750 solution, an IGP that’s just powerful enough for video playback and office use.

For storage, we have a 256 Gb UFS (flash memory). Storage performance is therefore quite low.

As for the screen, we have a 1920x1280p IPS panel capable of 350 nits.