Galax on the PSU market with its Omega series!


A little news from Galax with the arrival of power supply units. We learn that the company is attempting to break into this sector with its Omega models, available in five versions.

Omega: first power supplies from Galax!

Galax Omega

With this series, the brand offers us an already complete range with several power ratings. The entry-level models are GL500S and GL650S. The latter benefit from 80 Bronze and Cybernetics Bronze certifications. These are compact ATX models, 14 cm deep. Unfortunately, cable management is non-modular.

With the GLX850, we move upmarket with a block offering better certifications: 80 Gold and Cybernetics Gold. However, compactness remains the order of the day, with a depth of 140 mm. Finally, cable management is fully modular.

We end with the GLX1000 and GLX1200, the largest models in the series with their 1000W and 1200W power ratings. While 80 certification remains at Gold, Cybernetics has moved up to Platinum. Cable management is still fully modular, but the fan size has been increased: 140 mm vs. 120 mm up to now.

For the rest, these models share the same electrical protection features: OVP, SCP, OPP, UVP, OTP and OCP. Finally, internally, we find 105°C capacitors. However, the origin is not always specified. Only the top-of-the-range blocks feature Japanese capacitors.

As for availability, it seems unlikely that these units will arrive in Europe. The target geographic zone remains Asia-Pacific. Likewise, prices are not yet known.

Here are the Galax product sheets!