Review: Microsoft Surface Go 4


Synthetic GPU performance

Synthetic GPU performance

Now that we know the performance of the CPU part, we can move on to the GPU on a few synthetic benchmarks. The 32-sp Intel Xe IGP integrated in the N200 will be compared with other Intel IGPs of this generation. We shouldn’t expect top-level performance, given that this IGP has 3x fewer cores and a lower frequency than the Intel IGPs we’ve already tested, which were already underperforming.

3DMark Timespy

We start with 3DMark Time Spy, here the N200’s IGP displays a GPU score 4x lower than the lowest Intel IGP tested to date.

3DMark Timespy extreme

As with Time Spy, the same applies. Here, the N200’s IGP doesn’t shine in terms of performance.

3DMark Firestrike, Extreme and Ultra

On the various Firestrike Ultra models, the 32-sp Intel Xe IGP is once again the worst performer of all.

Given the performance of this tablet’s IGP, you can’t expect to play anything. Its use will therefore be limited to office work, so let’s see what happens on that front.