Review: Microsoft Surface Go 4


Synthetic CPU performance

Synthetic CPU performance

Let’s take a look at what this machine has up its sleeve, starting with CPU and memory performance on a few synthetic benchmarks. Here, the N200 on this tablet has no real competition. But let’s see how it fares against the smaller CPUs.

Cinebench R20

We start with Cinebench R20, where the N200 completely lags behind, the multi score on 4 cores barely exceeding the single-core score of some CPUs.

Cinebench R23

Continuing with Cinebench R23, the N200 doesn’t work miracles here either.

3DMark CPU Profile

On the 3DMark CPU profile, the N200 once again struggles to deliver attractive performance.

The surface Go 4 may be a tablet, but it must be able to run without slowdowns. Intel’s N200 doesn’t deliver good enough performance for an acceptable user experience. Very often, the CPU is at 100% utilization for the slightest Windows update or antivirus scan, preventing the tablet from being used properly. It would have been preferable for Microsoft to offer the N300 version with 8 E-core or a Pentium 8505 with an extra P-core.