Battlemage spotted in an LLVM patch


Intel’s next-generation graphics card, Battlemage, is back in the news. This time, it’s because one of the chips, the BGM-G21, has been spotted in an LLVM update.

Battlemage, a BGM-21 chip spotted in an LLVM patch!

Battlemage BGM-21 LLVM

Well, in absolute terms, this isn’t super-mega-big news, since the patch code simply reveals a reference to a future graphics card for the blues. According to our colleague, this refers to a BGM-G21 chip.

Clearly, with this generation, Intel will be offering two very distinct chips: the BGM-G21 and the BGM-G10. Once again, according to rumors, the former is intended for high-end GPUs, while the latter is designed for entry-level chips.

Nevertheless, what this leak suggests is that Intel will be concentrating primarily on the high-end. Of course, no launch date is currently known, but rumors indicate that this generation of board could well arrive early in the fourth quarter of 2024.

Intel isn’t giving up on its dedicated graphics cards, even if the launch of the first Arc cards was difficult. However, with each driver update, the series has seen its performance improve over time. It remains to be seen what Intel has in store for us in the future, but the blues look set to rival AMD and NVIDIA in the high-end sector. In short, a case to watch.