Review: Microsoft Surface Go 4


Screen measurement with probe

Screen measurements

We begin our test with the panel, and in order to find out the colorimetric quality of this screen out of the box, we took measurements of the screen.

It was tested on DisplayCal according to 51 color patches, with the sRGB profile as the target.

As can be seen, the calibration is rather disappointing from the outset, with 6300K for the 6500K expected, which is rather cold. Delta E is just 1.83% on average and 5.06% at maximum.

In terms of brightness, the screen is capable of 350 cd/m², with a contrast ratio of around 1355:1.

We therefore have a good slab with a rather good factory calibration. It’s worth pointing out, however, that gamut coverage is not total, with blue extremes more than 4% off target.