Review: DeepCool AK620 Digital



We’ve come to the end of this test of DeepCool’s AK620 Digital. Are we dealing with a successful product? Let’s take a closer look!

A fine finish!

With this model, DeepCool offers us a well-finished, but above all sober reference. In visual terms, the brand has taken up where it left off with its Zero Dark version, with a full black coating. It also features a digital display showing processor temperature. In any case, it looks great, but you’ll have to be careful when cleaning it, as the upper part is prone to scratches.

Otherwise, assembly will go smoothly on both AMD and Intel platforms. With this, we note the presence of discreet black mounting elements for the backplate and mounting arms in particular. Once in place, the mechanism is discreet and unobtrusive. As for the heatsink, even if it covers all four DIMM slots on a motherboard, it still leaves a usable space for memory: at least 42-43 mm.

Finally, the accessory section is complete with a screwdriver and a splitter offering two female fan sockets.

Processor-dependent performance!

DeepCool AK620 Digital

Having tested the cooler on AMD Ryzen 7000 and Core i 13000, it’s night and day in terms of performance. On the AMD platform, the heatsink is quickly put to the test by the Ryzen 9 7900X due to the positioning of the heat pipes. Two or even three of the six heatpipes cover the processor’s CCDs, the elements that heat up the most. As a result, the results are not as good, so much so that a heatsink with four heatpipes in a single 120 mm tower achieves better results.

What’s more, as soon as you mount the heatsink on a processor with a monolithic die, like the 13600K, it’s night and day. In these conditions, the heatsink shows its full potential and outperforms all its rivals, even the NH-U12A chromax. black. All the more so as this model’s double-tower format offers an interesting temperature-to-noise ratio at low revs.

Finally, the only thing to avoid is running the fan at high speed. As we’ve seen, it’s not the quietest of heatsinks in these conditions. Fortunately, at low speeds it’s almost inaudible!

55 € for this model:

At present, it’s hard to say how much the AK620 costs in this Digital version, as DeepCool has not provided us with the invoice assembly. On the other hand, we can legitimately assume that the amount will be higher than the €80 charged for the Zero Dark or white versions, but the question remains: by how much?

DeepCool AK620 Digital:

We like:
  • The meticulous finish, especially in full black
  • The presence of a small digital display, a welcome little gadget
  • Complete accessory kit with screwdriver
  • Simple assembly
  • Discreet mounting mechanism: full black
  • Space available for RAM: 42-43 mm
  • Controlled temperatures on Intel CPUs
  • Silent operation at low speeds
We didn’t like :
  • Poor temperatures on Ryzen 7000oi
  • Noisy at high speeds

Finally, this AK620 Digital forces us to pull out the double Gold/Bronze award… In reality, the conclusion will depend on the processor you’re going to mount it on. If it’s Intel, no problem, you can go for it, but if it’s Ryzen 7000, you might as well go for a single-tower heatsink like the HX6250, for example. Otherwise, the brand shows that it knows how to make heatsinks with an excellent finish and simple assembly, especially as you’ll have plenty of room for memory.

Many thanks to DeepCool !