Review: DeepCool AK620 Digital


The AK620 Digital

As usual, DeepCool offers its usual packaging. It features a cardboard box with a green border. We’re also treated to a white flap featuring an illustration of the product, with detailed product specifications on the back.

Inside, we find a heatsink properly protected in white foam plastic. On the side is a small cardboard box containing all the elements of the bundle. In short, the protections are effective since everything arrived unscathed, not a fin bent, no shocks, nothing.

The radiator:

Weight and dimensions:

It’s been a while since we’ve had a double-turn heatsink in our hands. Nevertheless, on this type of product, dimensions are on the decline, as the AK 620 Digital displays 127 (W) x 110 (D) x 157 (H) mm. A few years ago, dual-tower fans were real monsters, but now we’re down to 160 mm. These dimensions will enable it to fit into a good number of cases. Remember that the limit is often 160 mm.

Moreover, this is a rather heavy model, weighing in at no less than 1486g on the scales. The best thing to do when moving it is to disassemble it to avoid any problems.

The base :

DeepCool AK620 Digital base

Out of the box, the AK620 Digital has only the fixing tab mounted on top of its base. Unlike NZXT’s T120 RGB, there are no mounting lugs.

The base is made of nickel-plated copper, but the finish is not mirror-like. Indeed, under the fingers, you can feel very slight traces of machining, classic for this type of product. In terms of dimensions, the base measures XX x XX mm, enough to serenely cover theIHS of a Ryzen 7000 or a Core i in LGA-1700.

Otherwise, you’ll notice the presence of a rather large number of copper heat pipes. There are six of these, measuring six mm in diameter. They are evenly distributed around the base. We’ll see if this is enough to cool a Ryzen 7000 😉

The radiator:

There’s a lot to be said for the radiator. The first thing you notice is the waffle-cut shape of the fins. What’s more, the first five fins, starting from the base, have also been shortened. The aim is to maximize compatibility with the RAM and VRM heatsinks positioned behind the cooler.

Otherwise, the upper part containing the digital display is removable, leaving the heat pipes and fans visible. It’s important that it can be removed for assembly, to gain access to the clamping tab screws.

Otherwise, we notice the typical structure of a double-tower with the double stack of aluminum fins.


DeepCool AK620 Digital

With this AK620 Digital, we can’t complain about a dubious finish – quite the contrary. This model is very well finished, with an attractive matte black coating on the aluminum fins and heatpipes. The upper part features a glossy finish with aRGB edging on the sides. In short, all this contributes to a sober and very uniform heatsink.

Compatibility :

We now come to the compatibility of this heatsink’s sockets. On this subject, DeepCool announces :

  • Intel: LGA-115x – LGA-1200 – LGA-1700 – LGA-2000
  • AMD: AM4 – AM5

Clearly, this is not a model that will be compatible with all motherboards on the market. However, we can say that the compatibility goes to the essentials, since it lacks support for TR4 and derivative models. That said, this is a very special socket in terms of its dimensions. And if you want to mount a heatsink on it, you need a suitable model!


The AK620 Digital features a fan duo well known in our columns. In fact, we’re talking about two FK120s, mills already found on the AK500 and LT720.

DeepCool AK620 Digital ventilateurs

The mills feature a square frame with square silentblocs . The blades are nine in number and feature a significant curvature. They start out thin at the hub, then broad at the tips.

Connection to the motherboard is via a single four-pin PWM-type fan plug. The cable is flat and black, measuring 26 cm.

But what interests us most are the specifications, and these fans run from 500 rpm to 1850 rpm. At full speed, airflow will then reach 68.99 CFM while static pressure rises to 2.19 mmAq.

The bundle:

DeepCool AK620 Digital bundle

The accessory section is housed in a small cardboard box and features:

  • Assembly instructions
  • Screwdriver
  • A splitter for two fans
  • A syringe of thermal paste
  • Intel multi-socket backplate
  • Mounting arms and mounting hardware

All in all, the accessory section goes straight to the point, providing everything you need for mounting. However, we’d like to emphasize the quality of the components supplied, since both the backplate and the various mounting arms are made of steel. What’s more, once they’re in place, they’ll be very discreet, since they’re black in color, while the screws and bolts are dark.

Roughly speaking:

Broadly speaking, DeepCool’s AK620 Digital is a very attractive cooler with a meticulous finish. The accessory section is limited to the bare essentials, but provides solid components that will prove unobtrusive once fitted!