Review: DeepCool AK620 Digital



For installation, you’ll need to keep your AMD backplate, as the manufacturer doesn’t supply one. If you don’t have one any more, a quick look on eBay should make it easy to find one.

AK620 Digital assembly:

Assembling the heatsink is simple, and even preparing the motherboard can be done without tools. The spacers and nuts can easily be handled by hand.

In all cases, start by removing the original mounting arms from the AMD socket motherboard. On the Intel side, you’ll need to remove the backplate from the back of the motherboard. Once this first step has been completed, spacers are screwed into the four corners of the socket. Next come the heatsink mounting arms, which are then screwed in place with nuts.

DeepCool AK620 Digital montage

After applying a small amount of thermal paste, the AK620 Digital can now be positioned on top of the processor. To screw it in, you’ll need to remove the top cover and the intermediate fan, to free the fixing tab. The supplied screwdriver makes it easy to slip between the two cooling towers.

Once mounted, the AK620 Digital will cover all four memory slots on our MSI Carbon motherboards. However, there’s still plenty of room for 42.3 mm high RAM modules. We’ve even got a few extra millimeters to spare, but not much more: don’t go putting HyperX Predators in there, they won’t fit 😉