NF-A12x25, NH-U12A: Noctua products FINALLY in black!


Noctua has finally announced the arrival of its NF-A12x25 and NH-U12A… We have been waiting for them for a long time… Of course, it’s a simple black version of an existing product, but the problem with Noctua remains the same: its original brown/beige colors. Clearly, not everyone likes them, which is why these products were expected!

Noctua NH-U12A NF-A12x25

NF-A12x25 : the black version is finally available !

The NF-A12x25 is the fan that was proposed with the NH-U12A. In broad terms, it is a 120 mm fan resulting from many years of research by the Austrian. The result is a construction based on a new polymer in particular. Similarly, we can cite a very small space between the blades and the frame (0.5 mm) and a reinforced motor.

In terms of features, the fan benefits from a PWM power supply and will run from 450 RPM to 2000 RPM. At full speed, the airflow will be 102.1 m3/h when the static pressure will reach 2.34 mmH2O. In short, no change in characteristics compared to the original version in brown/beige.

Finally, the accessories section presents different siliconized pads of different colors. There are four of them: black, blue, green, red, white, yellow and grey. Similarly, for mounting on the watercooling radiator we have a large rubber pad NA-AVG1. As always, the warranty is six years.

NH-U12A : the ventirad is also available in black !

We quickly move on to the NH-U12A ventirad which also arrives in a full black color! The base does not change since we find a 120 mm fan with rather small dimensions. Indeed, it measures 125 (W) x 112 (D) x 158 (H) mm with the fans… Fans that are two NF-A12x25, with the characteristics mentioned above.

The ventirad offers a slightly eccentric base towards the front to limit the impact on the memory. However, the most interesting thing here is the high concentration of heatpipes in this model since we count seven of 6 mm. We might as well tell you that the base is well covered at this level. Moreover, this is also felt on the performance that you can appreciate in our test.

On the mounting side, no panic with the famous SecuFirm2 system of the brand. It will fit on the LGA-1700 sockets and the other LGA-1000 and LGA-2000. In AMD, we are on AM4 and older.

And some Chromax accessories !

Finally, the brand offers a whole line of accessories to dress up its ventirad. Thus, we have the right to NA-HC7, NA-HC8 and NA-HC8 chromax.white ventirad covers. As we described in our article, these accessories offer a better finish for the heat sinks.

Prices going up..

Unfortunately, at Noctua, the switch to black comes at a price of €119.90 for the NH-U12A. For the fans, it’s not much better since a single NF-A12x25 will be charged € 32.90 against € 19.90 per cover. For comparison, the ventirad was advertised at €99.90 in brown/beige version when you had to go out €29.90 for the fans.

Here and there are the data sheets of Noctua!