Review: DeepCool AK620 Digital


Intel temperature-to-noise ratio

On these perf/noise ratio graphs, we remind you that it’s best to be positioned as far to the bottom left of the graph as possible. For reading purposes, the left-most point symbolizes 12V ventilation, the central one 8V ventilation and the right-most 5V.

On our Core i5 13600K, the AK620 Digital is positioned where it should be, at least in view of its size and design. In these conditions, the cooler takes the lead and dominates its three rivals, even Noctua’s NH-U12A What’s more, it proves quite formidable at low revs, where its second fan greatly limits the damage.

At 95W, it once again comes out on top, with a narrow lead over the Noctua heatsink. It also has an advantage over the HX6250, particularly at low revs. On the other hand, you can feel that four heat pipes mounted through a thin stack of aluminum fins is becoming limiting. Just look at how NZXT’s T120 RGB drags its feet at low speeds.

Unfortunately for DeepCool, in 125W, its champion, however good, ends up being overtaken by the competition. Here, we find a NH-U12A chromax. black playing elbows with the Chinese heatsink in 12V and 8V. Once again, it’s helped by its size and its two fans.