Review: NZXT Lift 2 Symm



We’ve now come to the end of this test of NZXT’s Lift 2 Symm. So, what did we think?

The umpteenth featherweight reference on the market!

With this new reference, NZXT offers us yet another lightweight mouse on the market… No, in fact it’s an update of the first-generation Lift. It comes with a few changes to the casing and an updated specification sheet. However, NZXT has removed all traces of RGB lighting, making this model even more discreet. On our side, we’re not going to hide it, we like it.

NZXT Lift 2 SymmEven if grip is a subjective matter, we’re not going to lie to you: we like what NZXT has come up with here… At the same time, the grip is very similar to that of our benchmark mouse.

However, not everything is perfect: the wide PTFE pads tend to slow down glide on a large mouse pad, especially as they don’t filter rough surfaces very well. As for the micro-switches, these are fairly soft and don’t require a great deal of force to activate.

At the same time, the noise it emits is rather muffled, and the soft cord doesn’t offer any resistance.

How much does the Lift 2 Symm cost?

The pleasant surprise is the price, which remains unchanged at €59, just like the original model. Clearly, the pricing remains good, and you won’t break the bank. However, the competition remains tough, and our reference Model O is still on sale, which will impose some serious competition… Even with a less advantageous technical specification: less DPI and lower polling rate.

What’s more, NZXT could have distinguished itself by offering several colors, as it did with the first version of the mouse, but this is no longer the case. Apart from black and white, that’s all there is. Gone are the black/yellow, blue or cyan mice.

NZXT Lift 2 Symm:

We liked:
  • No RGB!
  • The grip is very similar to that of our reference mouse, so you feel right at home (but that’s subjective)
  • Rough side strips for improved grip
  • Its light weight of 58g, even lighter than the first generation
  • Ultra-soft, resistance-free cord
  • Silent operation
  • Affordable price
What we didn’t like :
  • The totally non-existent bundle!
  • Slower glide than the Model O
  • Soft clicks
  • Where have the colors gone?

In the end, we’ve decided to give this new NZXT mouse a silver award. If the specification sheet improves and improvements are proposed, this model will face strong competition, especially if we take into account the slightly “soft” clicks or the slow glide on soft carpet. However, it has the advantage of retaining its original price of €60, while boasting a featherweight, flexible cable, all without RGB. Just a shame to lose the different colors of the original version!

Many thanks to NZXT!