RTX 4090: ASUS bills $3760 for a piece of plastic


A bad case of delirium on the part of a user who has requested an RMA for his RTX 4090 Strix. The reason for the request? The tab holding the 12VHPWR connector on his card is broken. ASUS’ response? An invoice for around $3760 just to change it.

ASUS charges $3760 to repair a 12VHPWR connector!

ASUS Strix RTX 4090

For the record, a user accidentally damaged his 12VHWR connector. Note that it hasn’t melted, and the board is perfectly functional. No, the problem here is the broken tab that holds the 12VHPWR in place. Rather than try to repair it himself with super glue, which would only last a short time, he tried the RMA procedure.

Of course, he was refused the warranty, the brand claiming that this was due to mishandling of the equipment. On this point, we can understand the manufacturer’s approach. What’s hard to understand, however, is the invoice sent to the user in return. The invoice amounted to ~$3760, just for replacing the plug!

ASUS Strix RTX 4090
That’s an expensive piece of plastic

Even if the RTX 4090 Strix is one of the most expensive models on the market, the cost of repair is still more expensive than the card itself.

But a story with a happy ending!

The customer wasn’t particularly happy about this. So Mulgoki, under his Reddit handle, made a post on Reddit. He then contacted the company’s CEO, who then called him. A new customer supervisor was assigned to him, and the company offered him a refund on his card, as they didn’t have a new card to exchange.

A story with a happy ending, but that’s not always the case!