Review: NZXT Lift 2 Symm



The software used by NZXT to manage its mouse is CAM. Let’s take a look at the different settings available for the Lift 2 Symm.

DPI settings

The first thing you’ll find are the DPI settings. By default, 5 parameters are available: 400, 900, 1800 and 6400 DPI. These can be changed by manually entering the value in the dedicated box, or by scrolling the cursor to the left.

Polling Rate, Macros, button remapping

At the very bottom of the application, we have access to mouse polling rate and “lift height” settings. This is the height to which we can lift the mouse before it stops detecting our movements. We can choose between 1 and 2 mm for this parameter.

Next, the menu just below offers a macro editor. Nothing out of the ordinary here, as it lets you record a sequence of keystrokes and their various timings.

Finally, at the very bottom, we have the option of changing the assignment of mouse keys. However, there’s no function to regulate mouse DPI. In this way, we could have created a “sniper” function similar to that offered by Corsair’s M65. It’s a function I use regularly when editing photos, for example, as soon as the need for precision arises.