RDNA 5: a brand new archi from AMD?


The RDNA 5 GPU architecture is starting to make news via new rumors. Indeed, leaker wjm47196 tells us that AMD’s architecture will be brand new. If we are to believe him, RDNA 4 will only be there to ” patch up ” the shortcomings of a disappointing RDNA 4 for the reds.

RDNA 5: are we going for something new?


If the leaker is to be believed, AMD is somewhat disappointed with the performance of RDNA 3, aka the RX 7000. That’s why we can expect RDNA 4, the future RX 8000s, to patch things up. Already, we can expect an increase in ray tracing performance ,since the GPUs will arrive with redesigned RT Cores. However, with this series, we shouldn’t expect cards with much higher performance than an RX 7900 XT – that’s not the point. In fact, the top-of-the-range GPU would be a hypothetical RX 8800 XT.

Nevertheless, the real novelties will arrive with RDNA 5. From what we’ve learned, AMD will be offering something totally new. Here, the parallel is drawn with the arrival of the first Ryzen CPUs, when the reds abandoned the old FX. While this doesn’t tell us much about what the architecture will actually offer, we can nonetheless expect it to pack a punch. Likewise, with this architecture, we can also expect a new naming scheme for the boards.

For the moment, we have no date or window for the launch of this series. But we can reasonably assume that an appearance in late 2025 or early 2026 is a reasonable timeframe.