Again and again, Manli blames the user…


The 12VHPWR connector problem on RTX 4090s has been known for a long time now. News of the problem has been piling up, and while improvements have been made (12V-2×6), the problem remains unresolved. In fact, even if unofficially we suspect that it’s primarily a problem of connector design, some brands are still blaming users, like Manli!

Manli blames user for melted RTX 4090 connector…

Manli RTX 4090

This time in Korea, a user by the name of Vita C (after translation) had his screen shut down. After several manipulations, obviously plugging/unplugging and inspection, the machine starts up again. However, this was to be the last time, as the PC finally shut down some time later. And while no damage was visible on the power supply side on the first occasion, this time the card’s power connector melted.

Following this mishap, Vita C contacted its distributor to request a return. This request was rejected by the graphics card manufacturer. According to Manli, it was the customer’s fault that the card burned out.

However, Manli defends himself by stating that he uses the original 12VHPW -> 3x PCIe 8-pin adapter. What’s more, he claims to have followed the instructions to the letter, by not bending the cables after 4.5 cm, whereas the instructions specify 3.5 cm. Clearly, everything has been done by the book.

In the end, there are only a few solutions left to recover a functional board… The first is to repair it after the manufacturer, but this is a costly solution. And between the operation itself and the cost of shipping it to China, that’s going to cost him a lot of money. He’ll opt for the same operation, but via a Korean repairer who’ll also guarantee the repair for 3 years, and it’ll cost him less!