Review: NZXT Lift 2 Symm


Back again with a device test, this time focusing on the new NZXT model. In fact, the American brand is offering us a new generation of mouse with its Lift 2 SYMM. With this new model, we’re continuing the trend towards lightweight mice, as you’ll see in our test, here we go!

NZXT Lift 2 Symm

Technical specifications :

We begin with a brief tour of the machine’s technical specifications. In terms of dimensions, this new model is 67.1 mm wide, 126.8 mm long and 38.3 mm high. With these dimensions, this new NZXT model is very close to Glorious’s Model O, the model I use on a daily basis. Nevertheless, these dimensions are more or less identical to those of the first-generation Lift.

In terms of weight, this is a mouse that relies on its lightness, weighing in at just 58 grams, without cables. Once again, we’re dealing with a reference surfing the ultra-light mouse trend. By way of comparison, the Model O weighs in at 67g, compared with 54g for ASUS’ Harpe Ace.

Internally, it’s still a debauchery of features, with crazy sensors displaying ever-higher DPIs. While the integrated PixArt PMW3395 sensor doesn’t boast the highest DPI on the market, we’ve still got 26,000 under our belts, which is more than enough. Otherwise, this sensor boasts a maximum speed of 650 IPS and is capable of withstanding accelerations of 50G. As for the polling rate, it can reach 8,000 Hz!

We end with an ultra-flexible cable, a bit like the one offered with the Model O. The sheath is made of paracord and is fairly loose so as not to impede cable movement.

System requirements :

In terms of system requirements, of course, you’ll need at least one free USB Type A port on your machine. Finally, the box mentions Windows, MAC, XBox and PlayStation compatibility. Of course, mouse management will be entrusted to CAM, the brand’s software suite.