Review: DeepCool CH560 Digital


DeepCool also offers PC cases, including the CH560 Digital. This is a mid-tower and mid-range reference with a digital display. Clearly, this is an airflow-oriented reference, but is it a good one? Let’s put it to the test!

DeepCol CH560 Digital

CH560 Digital exterior:

Here, we find a classic mid-tower enclosure. Its dimensions don’t suggest any particular interior layout. In fact, its dimensions are quite classic, measuring 230 mm wide, 458 mm deep and 471 mm high. At 7.5 kg, it weighs about average.

As you can see, the design is clearly sober. This model features a large mesh panel with numerous square openings on its front face. This design is reminiscent of what NZXT has to offer, notably with its H7 Flow, whose design is in the same spirit.

On the side, however, we can see a side panel in glass mixed with mesh over the first third of its height.

The control panel:

DeepCol CH560 Digital panneau de contrôleThe connectivity part of the case is located on the top. Unfortunately, this part remains rather basic, featuring :

  • A power button
  • USB-C port
  • An audio jack
  • USB-A 3.0 port
  • A button for aRGB fan LED management

In itself, the panel remains functional, although a second USB-A would have been welcome. As it is, you won’t be able to plug in more than two USB flash drives simultaneously, which isn’t practical for sending a file to a friend, for example.

The underside :

DeepCol CH560 Digital dessousThe underside of the case is classic, with four feet. These are foam-covered, allowing the case to slide easily. This simplifies assembly: there’s no need to lift the case if you want to access the front and then the rear.

On the other hand, there’s a red card for the power supply filter, which takes the form of a mesh inserted into the casing. A rigid model held in place by a sliding system would have been more appreciable.


DeepCol CH560 Digital arrièreAt the rear, the layout could not be more classic. We can guess that the motherboard will be placed at the very top, as suggested by its I/O shield slot. Next to it is the 120/140 mm fan slot. Moving down a notch, we find seven openwork expansion slots juxtaposed with a ventilation grid. Finally, at the very bottom is the power supply slot.

Top :

DeepCol CH560 Digital dessusThe top of the case also remains fairly classic, with a long grille covered by a magnetic filter. On the front, however, you can see the DeepCool brand logo.