Air Slimmer 140 : a 140×15,5 mm fan from Silverstone


A new fan from Silverstone: a 140 mm model with a slim profile. Introducing the Air Slimmer 140, a solution that can be interesting depending on the application. For example, for mounting on a radiator in an ITX case. More and more models are accepting watercooling radiators, like the Meshroom S for example.

Air Slimmer 140: one of the rare 140 mm slim fans!

Obviously, with the reduction in frame thickness from 25 mm to 15.5 mm, the blades are also much thinner. There are nine of them here, and they feature what Silversone calls Shark Force, small grooves to improve acoustics. The frame is fitted with rubber silentblocks to dampen vibrations.

As for its characteristics, this mill operates from 0 to 1700 rpm. At full throttle, the airflow is quite substantial, at 82 CFM for a static pressure of 2 mmH2O.

If you don’t like RGB, there’s good news in the form of a black version and a diode model. The RGB version features nine LEDs integrated into the central hub.

Prices are not yet available.

Here’s the Silverstone product sheet!