Review : Gigabyte RTX 4080 SUPER Gaming OC


Technical specifications:

In terms of frequency, the base frequency is announced at 2295 MHz, while the Boost peaks at 2595 MHz, i.e. 45 MHz more than the NVIDIA RTX 4080 SUPER Founders Edition. This model therefore features factory overclocking, which should have a slight impact on performance. As for the 16 GB of G-DDR6X memory, it runs at 1438 MHz (736.3 GB/s) on a 256-bit bus. If we look at the “NVIDIA BIOS” tab, we can see that the power limit is 400 watts and therefore a power limit of 25%.

A quick run through GPU-Z to check that the information read is correct. The GPU frequency is 2295 MHz, and the Boost frequency is 2595 MHz. Don’t forget that the latter will be higher in benchmarks, depending on the quality of your chip and determined by GPU Boost 4.0. Memory has a frequency of 1438 MHz.