Review: Corsair 6500D Airflow


Having already reviewed its little brother, the 2500X (available here), Corsair now sends us its big brother, the 6500D Airflow. This case features a similar design, including a compartmentalized chassis. So, what’s this ATX version worth? Find out in our review.

Corsair 6500D Airflow extérieur 1


The exterior of the 6500D Airflow :

Corsair’s case is a rather imposing mid-tower reference. Due to its particular design, the case is rather wide at 328 mm. In terms of length and depth, this model remains under the 50 cm mark: 481 (W) x 496 (H) mm. However, what really shocks is the weight: 16.9 kg empty. It has to be said that this model features particularly thick steel parts on the front and top, which can be replaced as we’ll see later.

In terms of design, we find a sober case with a mesh grille on the front surrounded by black-painted steel parts. Note that this model is also available with a tempered glass front named 6500X.

In terms of price, the average retail price for this case is €195. Clearly, it’s expensive and positions it in the high-end sector.

The control panel :

Corsair 6500D Airflow panneau de contrôle

Like its little brother, the 6500D Airflow features a control panel on the top of the body. The control panel is functional and features

  • A reset button
  • Four USB-A 3.2 Gen1 ports
  • One USB-C 3.2 Gen2
  • 3.5 mm headset jack
  • A power button

Once again, we find a perfectly functional panel with a large number of USB-A ports. However, motherboards with two USB 3.0 headers are quite uncommon. The best way to take advantage of the full range of connectivity is to use a USB 3.0 -> USB 2.0 adapter.

The underside :

Corsair 6500D Airflow dessous

Under the case, we find the same compartmentalized design, with a solid part on the left and a grid on the right. The four feet are fitted with rubberized glides for a firm grip. Given the weight of the case, this is clearly going to be a problem when assembling it, as you’ll have to lift it to turn it around. Finally, a long dust filter can be found under the component part.


Corsair 6500D Airflow arrière

At the rear, we have a rather unusual layout. On the left-hand side, at the very top, is the first grille, held in place by a hand-tightened screw. This hides the hard disk cage and the two baskets it contains. Just below, vertically, we find the power supply.

On the right-hand side, we begin by mentioning the presence of a first grid at the top, followed by the motherboard’s I/O Shield slot and a 120/140 mm fan slot. Just below this are eight open-work expansion slots with a tiny Velcro strip at the bottom. These will be used for cable management.

Top :

Corsair 6500D Airflow dessus

On the top of the case, we have on one side a mesh grid located above the component part. The storage/power supply section, on the other hand, benefits from a solid steel section.