Intel confirms its CPU roadmap for the coming months


While the figures are not really good, team blue were keen to send a message that they were on course with their strategy and would meet their commitments. As the CPU roadmap is the subject of many questions in recent months, the guys from Intel have delivered some clarifications and confirmed their schedule.

Intel Roadmap CPU

CPU roadmap: still difficult to understand the 14th generation of Intel

First of all, concerning the future 14th generation Core processors (Meteor Lake), they are confirmed for a launch later this year. The chips are already in production and will benefit from the Intel 4 manufacturing process. For the moment, questions are still present on the scope of this generation. It should equip a first range of laptops, leaving the market of high-end desktop PCs to Raptor Lake-S Refresh. The desktop processors for the entry level of the 14th generation range will still be based on the duo Redwood Cove (P-core) and Crestmont (E-core)…Difficult to understand the readability of all this for the moment.

Intel roadmap CPU
Intel: confirmations on the CPU roadmap to reassure

The next step was also confirmed with an update on the status of the upcoming Arrow Lake and Lunar Lake. We have confirmation that all three upcoming families will be compatible with the upcoming socket LGA1851. Intel also says that Arrow and Lunar Lake will arrive in the second half of 2024. Both families will be manufactured on the 20A process (comparable to TSMC’s 2nm node).

Regarding servers where Intel is particularly heckled, Emerald Rapids-SP (a refresh of Sapphire Rapids-SP with more cores) should arrive in the second half of the year. Sierra Forest, a cloud-oriented range with several hundred cores Crestmont “E”, will land in 2024 alongside Granite Rapids-SP. Sapphire and Emerald Rapids will be compatible, while the sixth-generation Granite Rapids-SP Xeons will use the same platform as Sierra Forest and its successor, Clearwater Forest. Sierra and Granite will leverage the Intel 3 node, while Clearwater Forest will be based on Node 18A with the ambition to arrive in 2025.