Intel Raptor Lake refresh in August?


It is no longer a secret that the 13th generation Intel Raptor Lake-S processors should benefit from a refresh by intel. While the Intel range is universally considered to be very good compared to the competition, the arrival of certain AMD Ryzen 7000X3D SKU’s could make the competition tougher. According to the latest rumours, Intel will launch a refresh of Raptor Lake in August. Nothing earth-shattering, as at the moment we’re talking about higher frequencies and possibly price cuts. There are no chipset launches planned, so the 600 and 700 series cards will last for some time before the next generation shows up in the first part of 2024.

Raptor Lake Refresh

Raptor Lake: a refresh to tide you over

It remains to be seen whether the increase in frequency will allow Intel to continue to take back PC market share from its competitor. The Ryzen 7000s are clearly not a runaway success for AMD at the moment, but the X3D versions allow it to rival and even overtake Intel in the gaming segment. A victory that is not total, however, since it comes with its share of compromises. The asymmetric design of the 7950X3D in particular allows the second Zen 4 CCD to remain strong in compute-intensive workloads, but its gain is not so obvious everywhere (please see our full test on this subject).


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