Meteor Lake-S & Arrow Lake-S : some information on the road


The Intel site directly gives us some information on the next platform to be released: the LGA-1851. In addition, thanks to the leaker @SquashBionic, we know a little more about the Meteor Lake-S & Arrow Lake-S CPUs.

Meteor Lake-S & Arrow Lake-S, some info :

Intel LGA-1852 VR Test ToolApparently, the next Intel processors will use a new socket with the LGA-1851. We can discover it, partially, above, via the VR Test Tool interposer of Intel. In the broad lines, it is a tool for validation of power systems. These tools are offered to Intel partners for the design and development of motherboards.

Anyway, we also learn that this new socket will offer identical dimensions to the current LGA-1700. These will be 45 mm x 37.5 mm, the current heatsinks will, in theory, be compatible with this new platform.

Intel Meteor Lake-S - Arrow Lake-S

Moreover, we learn that the fourteenth generation of Intel processors will include Meteor Lake-S and Arrow Lake-S CPUs. Obviously, these two series will coexist and occupy different segments. In the case of MTL-S, we will have the right to low power CPUs with TDPs of 35W and 65W. Similarly, they will only be available up to Core i5. On the other hand, ARL-S will be much more greedy by going up to the Core i9 with TDP typing in the 125W.

We also learn that it will be the end of the cohabitation DDR4/DDR5 since this series works only with DDR5.

A new batch of chipsets will also be released with the 800 series while the power supply requirements do not seem to change much with respect to Raptor Lake-S.