Windows 11: expect 16 GB RAM to run AI!


As you know, artificial intelligence is gradually taking root in our daily lives. Microsoft is no exception to the rule, with its desire to integrate AI into Windows 11. In fact, 23H2 brought with it the integration of Copilot (obviously not yet available in Europe), the company’s AI. Subsequently, with the adoption of more and more advanced AI functionalities, and above all relocated to the PC, the amount of memory required to run this gas factory will explode: 16 GB minimum!

Windows 11: 16 GB RAM minimum to take advantage of AI!

Windows 11 CopilotAs AI takes root in our machines, the hardware requirements for running it will soar. Already, Microsoft is anticipating no less than 16 GB of RAM as a minimum to run AI PCs. Next, we learn, via TrendForce, that an NPU will be required. What’s more, it will need to be at least a little hefty, as the Redmond firm is indicating performance of at least 40 TOPS.

This is already a concern, since, according to TrendForce, Meteor Lake CPUs do not meet the requirements set by MS. Intel will have to wait until Lunar Lake, while AMD’s Strix Point should meet its requirements. Last but not least, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite, with 45 TOPS, is set for release in the second half of 2024.

The bottom line is that, with the arrival of AI in PCs, hardware configurations will skyrocket. It won’t be uncommon to see laptops, for example, with 16 GB, 32 GB or, why not, 64 GB. In fact, this is where the new CAMM2 format could make its appearance, since it is supposed to offer greater memory capacities in a smaller footprint, while offering improved frequencies – another important point for AI.