The scores of the future i9-14900KF become more refined…


Not a day goes by without a leak about the next generation of Intel processors. This 14th generation (Raptor Lake Refresh) should install 6Ghz as the “base” frequency for the high-end. The latest leak: the scores of an i9-14900KF (i.e., without iGPU), once again under GeekBench.

Core i9-14900KS: the 13900KS clone (with vitamins)

Intel i9-14900KF

Unsurprisingly, as we’ve already mentioned on several occasions, the 14900KF presented here is obviously technically a clone of the 13900KS. This new i9-14900KF has 8 P cores and 16 E cores, but should offer a clock speed of 6 GHz when using Thermal Velocity Boost technology (compared with 5.8Ghz for its twin brother 13900KF). The processor was installed on an ASRock Z790 Taichi paired with 32GB of DDR5-7000 memory. For the moment, it’s worth remembering that these scores can only be an indication, as a Bios or microcode update can still change the data.


In a series of 3 tests, we found single-core scores ranging from 3,322 to 3,347 points, and multi-core scores from 22,895 to 23,051 points. We can add to these tests conducted by @OneRaichu a run under Geekbench 5 where the same CPU scores 2412 in single-core and 26972 points in multi-core. These scores are higher than those leaked so far.

The trend, however, remains towards a modest gain in multi-core scores (5-6% VS 13900K) and a more significant 12% improvement in single-core performance…which is still open to question. For a fuller understanding, we’ve reproduced the table published by our friends at Videocardz to give you an overall idea.

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