The Core i9 14900K tested on GeekBench!


The 14th generation of Intel processors is back in the news. After CPU-Z results, it’s time for GeekBench 6. Yes, Intel’s future CPU makes an appearance in the software’s database. Nevertheless, the results are “bang on”.

i9 14900K: it shows up on GeekBench 6 and it’s not crazy!

Core i9 14900K Geekbench

Clearly, Intel’s 14th-generation processor won’t bring anything new, so to speak. Indeed, we’re expecting a dumb refresh of the current series, with slightly higher frequencies and a few more cores for the 14700K. But beyond that, the processors are the same and share the same architecture. In short, an approach reminiscent of Kaby Lake in its day.

As a reminder, this 14900K will feature a large configuration with a total of 24 cores (8P16E) and 32 threads. It’s also a CPU capable of high frequencies, as we’re already talking about 6 GHz with a base frequency of 3.2 GHz. In terms of TDP, this should be around 125W.

What interests us here are the processor’s results on GeekBench. During our test, we found it mounted on a Biostar Z790A-Silver motherboard, itself running on DDR5 at 4800 MT/s. Not the fastest RAM on the market. Not the fastest RAM on the market!

Core i9 14900K Geekbench

In terms of scores, this translates into a handsome 3140 pts in single-core mode, while the configuration reaches 19134 pts in multi-core mode. Compared to the i9 14900K, the CPU offers more interesting single-core performance than the 13900K, while multi-core performance is disappointing: 21678 pts for the 13900K in our colleague’s example. On the other hand, these figures must be qualified by the fact that this series has not yet been launched. On the other hand, there’s certainly room for optimization on the motherboard side. Then there’s the not-so-high RAM frequency, when there are only three results for this model, compared with several hundred for the 13900K.

In the meantime, the results should be taken with a grain of salt. Remember that the launch of this 14th generation processor is not expected before the end of the year.