Longsys unveils its LPCAMM2 RAM in 64 GB at 7500 MT/s


Back to LPCAMM2 memory, a new standard heralded as compact and high-performance. This time, Longsys, a Lexar subsidiary, unveils its new Foresee modules!

Foresee: 64 GB, 7500 MT/s LPCAMM2 RAM modules!

Longsys LPCAMM 2 module

This is not the first time we’ve mentioned this type of RAM. Indeed, it has already been the subject of articles here and there. Nevertheless, as a reminder, this new standard promises to be interesting insofar as it is more compact than SO-DIMM RAM and allows for interesting memory densities. Likewise, it should enable rather fast kits, given its format…

This is what Lexar subsidiary Longsys is announcing. The brand is demonstrating its Foresee modules, which already boast capacities of 64 GB. Speed is not to be outdone either, with unveiled frequencies of 7500 MT/s. Last but not least, a 128-bit/module bus.

Other configurations are also on the program, with modules offering capacities of 16 GB and 32 GB.

LPCAMM2 Longsys

In any case, this new standard looks promising, especially for notebook PCs . This type of RAM promises to be particularly economical, with a performance/consumption ratio 70% higher than that of SO-DIMM.

For all these reasons, Longsys is optimistic about the market breakthrough of this standard. It estimates that by 2027, 30% of laptops will run on this type of memory.